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Shark Brains is focused on brain development kits for infants and toddlers.

An initiative by mothers, researchers and educators to promote screen-free time. Each of these concepts is translated into a professionally designed and developed kit.

Shark Brains will help your child develop

Daily Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids
Daily Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids
Visual Perception
Famous Inspired Personality Cards
Linguistic Development
Inspirational People for Kids
Social Learning
Daily Positive Affirmation Cards for Kids
Engaging Curiosity

Flash cards of shlokas and mantras with the audio and meaning on the back. These are a great way to learn slokas.Our flashcards are a lively way to learn and memorise shlokas and mantras. They really help your kids connect with the words and meaning.

Looking for fun and stimulating Montessori activities for kids? Check out our selection of the best-reviewed products to help your child learn in a fun, hands-on way.

Flash cards are a great way to learn your early Spanish words. Shark brains is designed for the young beginner. Flashcards is an easy and fun way for your child to learn their first words.The flashcards cover the easiest words to learn in spanish for kids. From colors, shapes and numbers to names of animals, food and more.


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